Jake Challenger, the man who ruled the 3-wheeler class in hill-climbs and sprints throughout the 1980s and ‘90s,  built a roadster for himself in 1997 and which is now up for sale!

It’s called the ‘Challenger Tarkus’ and was built completely from scratch entirely to his own design, based on his years of success in building and very successfully competing with his racing trikes.

The power plant is a one-off 1500cc 3 cylinder air-cooled radial engine, using BMW cylinders, heads, pistons and oil-pumps, with the crankcase machined from the solid.  It  drives through a Citroen gear box, giving 5-speeds and reverse, with front-wheel drive and in-board disc brakes all round.   The totally exposed suspension linkage system was inspired by F1 technology and results in a compliant but totally non-roll suspension, with light and responsive handling.

The bodywork is built from aircraft materials, resulting in a light, stiff monocoque shell, with integrated roll-bars.  It weighs less than 900 lb.

This very special vehicle has long been totally sorted out.  Over the past 15 years it has covered over 20K fast miles, while probably raising over 20K comments and puzzled expressions across the country –  although it’s very rarely been caught and tied down…. .

It has of course always been very well looked after and so is still memorably exciting to drive!   It’s good for over the ton and can get from 0 to 60 in just 5.5 seconds.

It is to be sold on 8th September by Bonhams at Beaulieu Sale of Collectors Motor cars, Motorcycles and Automobilia – with a guide price of £4900 – £5000.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone who appreciates exciting performance, coupled with both eccentricity and superb engineering.