The Autobiography of a Countrywoman of Character by Jo Newell

Farming in the Worcestershire countryside sets the pre-war scene, but then add two young women who wanted to go their own way, come what may.

One drove military vehicles throughout the war, in the ATS, while the other was in the Land Army.

Peacetime was not the time for them to step back and so a successful 60 year partnership was forged.  This was soon well known throughout the local farming and field-sports communities, resulting in the privilege and joy of looking after Sheila Wilcox’s Event and Dressage horses.

Meanwhile, there was the thrill and excitement of hunting and shooting,  the complete relaxation of fly fishing and boating, as well as the pleasure of driving a good car quickly.

Middle-aged madness then resulted in the creation of a plant nursery, resulting in new challenges, new friends, many laughs and much hard work,.  But, as ever, bloody-mindedness got them through…


About The Author

Jo Newell

After persuasion and encouragement, Jo finally wrote this book for a particular purpose.  Younger readers, particularly women who today have so much freedom and autonomy, will not be aware of the struggle life was in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s for women who did not conform to society’s expectations.  Some men thought that, after the war, women should crawl back into their shells and keep quiet.  However, they had a nasty shock as many women continued to do their own thing…

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