Ordinary by John Bradshaw

An account of the Rediscovery, Restoration, Research and Riding of an Ordinary Bicycle from 1988 through to 1991 with Subsequent Thoughts.



Review in ‘The Washingmachinepost’ – by Brian Palmer

If you have any interest in the history of the bicycle, john bradshaw’s ‘ordinary’ is fairly close to essential reading.

Review in ‘Velo-Vision’ – by Richard Peploe

‘ORDINARY’ by name, but not by nature I thought long and hard about how best to show that, despite the title, this is no ordinary book and the best I could come up with was to say that it’s ordinary by name, but not by nature. However, knowing the other books that John Bradshaw has written, that should not be a surprise. The book’s summary does its job well: “An account of the Rediscovery, Restoration, Research and Riding of an Ordinary Bicycle from 1988 through to 1991, with Subsequent Thoughts”. Despite the niche topic, the story will strike a chord … continue reading

About The Author

John Bradshaw

When writing Prose:

John Bradshaw’s professional life was spent working with and writing about mathematics and education. For seventeen years he was an editor for one of the Mathematical Association’s journals and also organised conferences and workshops. He has taught in primary, secondary and high schools and then in college and university. He now also offers some books that are actually intended to be fictional.

When writing ‘factual tales of fettling’:

John Bradshaw grew up surrounded by mechanical things and has not escaped so far. He has always owned wheels and currently has a stable ranging from an 1880s Cogent Ordinary bicycle to a 1990s BMW Z3 sports car, with examples of many things in between.
He was the Social-Sec and then Chairman of the Ariel Owners MotorCycle Club in the 1980s and then created and for a decade organised CycleFest, an international alternative cycle event.

He has written articles for a variety of cycling and motoring magazines. The restoration, modification and maintenance of cycles, motorcycles and cars, and then and writing about it, is nothing new to him, but the Morgan-Ariel Special is his first true creation.

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