A Morgan-JAP Anthology by Robin Rew

A unique anthology of the writings of some of those immersed in the world of the Morgan Three-Wheeler. Their valuable and quite personal hands-on experiences of JAP engines, used both for racing and road, is at last shared with those who appreciate the results of the great partnership between H.F.S.Morgan and J.A.Prestwick.

A quintessential example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

This very special new book by the sadly missed Robin Rew, containing much material never before seen in print, is now available in softback.



Review in ‘’ – by John Chatwin

When I was asked to review this book I was perhaps less than enthusiastic, for being an avid user of JAP engines for over half a century, indeed serving my apprenticeship at a JAP agency and owning various models of these engines throughout this time, I assumed that there would be very little in the book that I hadn’t either read or even had first hand experience. Well, what a mistake that was! Although Robin has naturally included a lot of what I already knew, he has managed to unearth a vast amount of matter that over the years has … continue reading