Coming Soon: The Spiders’ Web

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The Spiders’ Web by John Bradshaw, with help from Those Who Know.

A Celebration of Basil Davenport’s legendary giant-killing Hill-Climbers:

Spider I – the battered looking old G.N. based cyclecar that dominated the hill-climbs and sprints throughout the 1920s and 1930s.

Spider II – the same old broom, having gained new heads and handles over the years, that’s still sweeping them all away today!

Richly illustrated, with numerous 80 year-old photos and drawings in b&w and sepia, all the way through to many pictures of recent events in full colour.

Much previously unpublished material, including facts, tales, pictures, diagrams and data. A4 Portrait, Hardbound, Numbered Limited Edition, Signed by The Current Custodians.

To be published in 2017

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