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Review of ‘A Morgan-JAP Anthology’ – by John Chatwin

When I was asked to review this book I was perhaps less than enthusiastic, for being an avid user of JAP engines for over half a century, indeed serving my apprenticeship at a JAP agency and owning various models of these engines throughout this time, I assumed that there would be very little in the book that I hadn’t either read or even had first hand experience. Well, what a mistake that was! Although Robin has naturally included a lot of what I already knew, he has managed to unearth a vast amount of matter that over the years has … continue reading

Review of ‘The Six Day Affair’ – by Peter Henshaw

A fascinating tale that very few people have heard of, brought to vivid life by this new book ­ a rollicking adventure read, and true into the bargain.

Review of ‘The Six Day Affair’ – by Graham Austin

When John told me about the 1939 International Six Day Trial in Austria, blighted by the start of WW2, I immediately looked it up on the internet. What I found was a series of reprints from the motorcycling press and a few comments and accounts of the aftermath. I also found that I had a personal, though somewhat tenuous, connection with the tale; having driven most of the course taken on the third day, which included the Grossglockner Pass, on one of my Tours des Cols. John has taken this rather dry material and, together with a transcript of an … continue reading

Review of ‘The Six Day Affair’ – by Jim Reynolds

At last, one of the great untold mysteries of the 1930s has been researched and turned into an eminently readable tale. A significant work.

Review of Ordinary on ‘The Washingmachinepost’ – by Brian Palmer

If you have any interest in the history of the bicycle, john bradshaw’s ‘ordinary’ is fairly close to essential reading.